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In Vienna, only 8 percent of street names celebrate women and their contributions. However, in a new urban development area for 20.000 inhabitants, the Seestadt Aspern, all newly built streets and plazas put women in the spotlight, some of them architects, urbanists and designers – such as the Zaha Hadid Square, the Lina Bo Bardi Square, the Eileen Grey Lane, or the Jane Jacobs Bridge. This is why we chose these streets for our upcoming outdoor exhibition about global urbanistas:

We will be featuring 18 positions from around the world with portraits and projects of female architects, urban designers and urban planners from Austria, France, Ireland, Kenya, Iran, Brazil, Australia, and many more.

Come and visit in Spring and Summer 2021


Helle Søholt-Gehl, Gehl Architects, Denmark:
Public Space Design for Seestadt Aspern, Vienna, Austria
Marion Mahony Griffin, USA:
Masterplan Canberra, Australia
Emma Miloyo, Kenya:
Town Masterplans in Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania und South Africa

Traffic and infrastructure

Zaha Hadid, UK and Irak:
Hungerburgbahn, Innsbruck, Austria (Pritzker Award laureate)
Emily Warren Roebling, USA:
Brooklyn Bridge, New York City, USA
Leila Araghian, DIBA Tensile Architecture, Iran:
Tabiat Bridge, Teheran, Iran

Public spaces for urban life

Silja Tillner, Austria:
Urban Loritz Platz, Vienna
Genia Awerbuch, Russia and Israel:
Zina Dizengoff Square, Tel Aviv, Israel
Kazujo Sejima, Japan:
Rolex Learning Center, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (Pritzker Award laureate)

The city within a house

Manuelle Gautrand, France:
Cité des Affaires, Saint-Etienne, France
Lina Bo Bardi, Italy and Brazil:
SESC Pompeia, São Paulo, Brazil
Yvonne Farrell and Shelley McNamara, Grafton Architects, Ireland:
University Campus UTEC, Lima, Peru (Pritzker Award laureates)

Urban greens and waterfronts

Laura Vahl, Lavaland, Germany:
Seepark, Seestadt Aspern, Vienna, Austria
Liz Diller, Diller Scofidio Renfro, USA:
Highline New York, USA
Lu Wenyu, China:
Fuyang Cultural Complex, Jiangnan, China (her partner Wang Shu was given the Pritzker Award leaving out her contribution)

Inspirations, ideas and impulses:

Anna Popelka, PPAG, Austria:
Enzi, Austria and all over Europe
Dorte Mandrup, Denmark:
Salling Tower, Aarhus, Denmark
Marjetica Potrč, Slovenia:
King’s Cross Pond, London, UK