Seestadt Aspern, Wien

Thursday 14.10.2021 6:30pm CET

Jane Hall, Baerbel Mueller and book launch live streaming:

Frauen bauen Stadt

The City Through a Female Lens

In 2030, 2.5 billion women will be living and working in cities. In view of the fact that the polis as a construct of life has always been male-dominated in its commissioning, planning and execution, the urgent questions arise:

What is the future of the city through a female lens? To what extent will the city of the future be tailored to the wishes and needs of women? And what role do female architects, urban designers and urban planners play in this?

We will explore this questions in a series of exhibitions, symposia and publications:

Exhibition, May 10th – December 31th, 2021 in Vienna and from June 2022 onwards in Bregenz

Symposia, October 8th, 2020 and October 14th, 2021

Publication, released in October 2021

Curated by Katja Schechtner and Wojciech Czaja

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